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Learning to communicate from your heart to your pet’s heart, your mind to theirs and vice versa, changes your beloved animals entire world!

Exploring your pet’s perspective on how they view a certain situation; getting insight into their feelings, thoughts and needs can make them feel heard and greatly valued.

Animal communication helps with various issues that may arise in day-to-day life. For instance:

Solving Behavioral Issues such as barking, biting and housebreaking challenges as well as Emotional Issues like fear or phobias, panic attacks, aggression, withdrawal, depression, grief; heal from neglect, abuse, trauma and abandonment.

Understanding any health and physical problems they may have by relaying your pet’s viewpoint and experience. How they feel, where it hurts and how much it hurts. What can make them feel better and what they may need or want are all valid questions that only the animal themselves can tell you about. Based on what they say, the appropriate measures can then be taken to assist them.

It works in healing any trauma and abuse that your pet may have sustained, such as from injury, shock, illness, death or even grief. Understanding the animal’s perspective on things by identifying any triggering factors involved helps them rebalance themselves emotionally, and it allows them to let go of the traumatic experience thus enabling them to live a much more fuller and happier life.

Many times, when you make a decision to move to a new house or country, it causes your pet stress and anxiety. One of the biggest problems I’ve come across with pets is the feeling of separation anxiety. Reassuring them of where they are going and what to expect of the new home and situation will greatly help with any bad behavior or acting out on your pet’s part. Communicating with them helps to ease their fears by making them understand where their parents are going and why their routine is suddenly being disrupted. Answering any questions or concerns they have makes the difference between coming home to a sick, distressed animal versus one that is peaceful, happy and well adjusted.

When it comes to rescuing, fostering, abused, and adopting animals; Talking to them helps them to: understand their situation and identify what they want in a new home. It helps them adjust to a new family and home and helps shorten their transition and accelerates the bonding between you and your pet. Like therapy, listening to them heals them from neglect, abuse and abandonment. It also enables us to learn how to better care for them by asking them to tell us what their history is and what experiences they’ve gone through.

To many, a pet is more than just an animal that lives in the same house as them. A pet is more than a nuisance with fur that one has to feed and care for. To many, a pet is another family member. It can be exceedingly difficult when one of your own is on the brink of death in extreme pain. At that time, you would do anything in the world to hold on to them for just a little while longer. One more hour, one more minute makes all the difference in the world. Making Euthanasia Decisions by knowing what your pet needs and wants, when the right time is, and how best to support them through the process of transition makes all the difference for them. Death doesn’t have to be as traumatic or painful. Understanding and honoring your animals needs can be so very helpful in finding peace in this very difficult time.

Remember, death is not the end for your beloved furry friend. It is merely a transition. When you reconnect with them in the afterlife, they can be a source of peace and guidance for you. The bond you shared in this world can never be severed just by them passing away. They will forever remain in your heart and soul!