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Can you communicate with an animal if I’m in a different country?

Yes, of course! Telepathy works over distance, time, and space and is not subject to the country I’m in.

What animal species can you read?

The process is exactly the same no matter what animal I’m speaking to.

Do you locate missing animals?

When it comes to lost animals, I don’t guarantee being able to find them. In-fact no animal communicator can claim to do that. However, what I can guarantee, is communicating with them for you, and telling you exactly how it is they feel; what they see around them; If they’re alright; If they’re safe, or have gotten into an accident etc.. all of this information is crucial and can then help you locate your animal friend.

What can I ask my pet?

You can ask your pet anything you want during your animal communication session. Your consultation allows you to share your hearts together with me acting as your pet’s interpreter.

An animal communication session is question and topic driven so the more specific the question, the easier it is for your pet focus and give you a specific answer.

Here are some ideas for when you’re really not sure what to talk about with your pets, whether they are living or in spirit:

Ask your animals what they’d like to talk about. Maybe you’ve felt you should talk to them because they’ve been trying to tell you that they have something to say.

What’s been on their mind lately? What do they think about, worry about, dream about?

Convey that you want to give your animals the best life possible and would like to know their ideas for how to do that. Ask them to share honestly what’s working and where you need to improve.
Tell your animals how you feel about them and what their presence in your life has meant to you. We assume they know but often they don’t. Sharing this can improve self-esteem and give them confidence in their role. If the animal has passed on it can help with your grieving process and spiritual growth.

Ask your animal to comment on any area of your lives where you have doubts or are feeling uneasy. This may concern your pets, people in your life, your job, future plans, anything. Animals are excellent observers and often have insightful advice.
You may feel the need to simply connect with your loved one, with nothing specific you want to say or hear. This is often the case for animals who have recently passed. Allow yourself the opportunity to receive any information the animal would like to share with you in whatever way it chooses.

There doesn’t need to be a specific agenda each time you talk with your animals. Whenever you communicate with them, it is never wasted time. It lets your animals know that you value them, that you want to have a deeper understanding of what’s important to them, and that you’re trying to be the best caretaker you can be.

Can animals tell you about the pain they feel, or how they got hurt?

If they are willing, which is usually the case. Often they can tell me where the pain is, how it feels, how frequently it hurts, and if it’s a sharp pain, dull pain, etc, just like you tell your doctor. I can also use Reiki scanning to help find energy imbalances, which can indicate issues.

Do you work with pets who are dying or seriously ill?

Yes. I can help with end-of-life pet care by finding out what makes your pet feel more comfortable, and which vet and other treatments and services you are getting them that they feel are working better. Through your animal communication session I can find out what types of food, treats and other things they are needing and wanting during the stage of their life. I can also help with knowing when they are ready to cross, so your mind is at rest

Does this have anything to do with magical practices?

Not at all. I always work for a higher purpose, with the highest intention. The energy that assists me to do what I am able to do is coming from the energy of Love and the White Light from God. I work with God’s Will to help all beings. I will not have anything to do with negative energies. When I communicate with animals and am receiving/relaying their messages. I am working for a higher purpose, within God’s intention. I am simply an interpreter for helping anyone I am able to.

How long will it take to get results?

I can’t tell you how long it will take to achieve the results you seek because the answers to some of your questions are often simple, and others can be much more involved as we explore the deeper, underlying issues, working towards resolution of a problem(s).
We’ll do as much as possible in the allotted time, and you can always reschedule to do the rest at another time.

Does my animal need to be present for the reading?

No, not at all. All I need is a picture of your angel in order to communicate with them.

Does seeing my animal, in-person or on video, improve the efficacy and accuracy of a reading?

There is no known difference in the quality of a reading whether seeing the animal in real-time or via photo. Connecting to the energy of an animal can be done anytime, anywhere regardless communication medium.

What information must I provide before a reading?

You are required to acknowledge the disclaimer at the bottom, payment, a photo of the animal, and any questions you may have for them.

Will the telepathic communication consume my animal's energy?

No it will not. Your animal will not experience any mental or physical fatigue during or after a reading.

Will my pet know when you’re communicating with them?

Yes! Many times the animal will have a change in behavior as soon as the person contacts me, as though they are so relieved to finally know that their person is going to learn what the problem is or hear the animal’s side of it. Almost always there is a positive behavior change.

How is distance Reiki administered?

Healing energy is transmitted at a physical distance by Reiki Master practitioners, like myself. You do not need to create a special environment for the animal(s), or tend to them in any special way, pre, during or post session. Simply go about your day and notice any differences or changes in behavior you might notice. Even a small difference is greater than you know!

What can I expect from a Reiki healing session?

You can expect a follow-up email after the session relaying any messages came through during the healing. It is important to note that Reiki is not deemed animal communication.

How do animals respond to Reiki?

This depends on the each animal, and the respective issues they present. Optimal results include a relaxed state post treatment, among other feel-good sensations. They may feel thirstier after the session – this is completely normal!

What does Reiki heal?

As well as healing current issues, Animal Reiki healing can be used on a regular basis to help prevent future health problems from occurring; fortifying the energy field; and boosting the immune system.

Is reiki harmful to animals?

Reiki healing does not involve the administration of any drug, it is entirely
non invasive. Animals absolutely love Reiki!

Do Animal Communication and Reiki work together?

Absolutely Each is powerful when done individually. In combination, Animal Communication and Reiki are formidable partners allowing me to connect with your animals at a deep energetic level. Within this energetic connection, comes a broader understanding of what your animals are experiencing and feeling.

When you are open to your relationship with your animal at this deep level connects animals energetically to a part of their being that allows innate healing process to happen. In many ways, it opens your connection to the universal love where healing and understanding live.