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Understanding The Voice Of The Voiceless

Fatema Zahra Unheard Miracles
Unheard Miacles animal communicator
Fatema Zahra Unheard Miracles

Manifesting a world where humans and animals live in harmony

We all think making a better world requires grand gestures and actions. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes all you need is to be empathetic to those around you and listen to what they have to say. This goes for animals too; a better world is one where they can be heard and cared for. We help you to understand them which is the first step towards healing them.

Understanding the Unheard

Listen. Connect. Heal.  

Listen. Connect. Heal.  

Listen. Connect. Heal.  

Listen. Connect. Heal.  

Listen. Connect. Heal.  

In order for us to solve any problem, we first need to understand it. You can only do that if you communicate with others - that includes our pets. That is why I use my abilities to offer pets around the globe a chance to speak to their humans. This enables me to heal physical and emotional suffering beings. Take a look at our services.

Animal Communication

Whispers Given Voices

Animal Reiki

Healing from Within

A service is only perfect if the customers are satisfied. Here are a few testimonials of people who have gone on this journey with us.

I had a very informative session with Fatema and my cat. Fatema identified the issues that were being faced and talked me through them. Fatema also provided a lot of general information from the cat that was very interesting and funny - including some facts that only the cat and I would know. Overall a very fun and enjoyable experience!

Jon B

I entrusted Fatema for a communication session with my beloved cat Bravo. I was astounded by the accuracy of details and impressed with the amount of information she gave me. I appreciate the absolute genuine care and devotion she has in doing such a sensitive and delicate practice and I am grateful she made her gift available to help me improve my pet’s life to the best it can be.


We had such a wonderful experience with Fatema! I was so curious to know what Ziggy was thinking and she conveyed his personality spot on! His separation anxiety has really improved and Fatema gave us some tips on how to help with this.

Loulwa Al Atasi

Thank you Fatima for helping my fur child. The reiki session helped him tremendously. He was instantly feeling more at ease and had his appetite back after being hospitalized at the vet for two days . Also the communication session was extremely detailed, it has helped me understand and appreciate my cat. Thank you so much!

Hind Hantoush

As a pet sitter, a pet owner and an animal lover. I always want to understand the animals more. Then I came across Fatema at Unheard Miracles. From the first enquiry, I felt an instant warmth. She explained in detail about the course. I enrolled in the beginner's & intermediate course for animal communication. I have just completed the beginner's course, which was interesting and informative. I will be hopefully at that place where I can understand whether the animals are happy or sad. Thank you Fatema for your amazing gift.


The structure and the depth of the course were remarkable, combining theory with practical exercises. Though, it is time-consuming, but the results were beyond rewarding.
The newfound skills helped me with Bella, my sister's dog. Instead of visiting the vet, I asked Bella about her restlessness. She communicated her paw was hurting. It's been a game-changer in understanding and connecting with animals.
Thank you. You've been a light and a blessing.


Fatema is a gifted communicator–she connects quickly and the information she receives is accurate-. I would like to thank you so much Fatema for Lucky’s reiki session… It helped me to understand my furchild’s problem and she helped him to heal from his blocks.. I highly recommend her .. thank you so much for the communication advice you gave me about Lucky. He is healing 💫


Hi. I did my advanced course of animal communication with Unheard Miracles and it was a good experience. I learnt many new things during the course and what was the most interesting part were the unique examples Fatema shared about her experiences with various animals. Fatema is always ready to help us in any stage of our animal communications and I definitely recommend this course for all animal lovers.

Sabah Asnani

I cannot praise Fatema or her abilities as an animal communicator enough. Her session with our pup was nothing short of amazing. The detailed messages went above + beyond what we expected. If you have a need or are drawn to Fatema, please do not hesitate to book a session. I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift, we are grateful!!

Christine Castello

Every being on Earth is supporting each other’s mutual, higher expression and ultimate evolution. It is so beautiful to have this deeper connection with Earth through our four-leggeds. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Fatema who so gracefully and expertly helped me to connect more deeply with my own beloved animals and the greater mystery of being part of the beautiful ecosystem of Earth.
Wow, I am speechless at this continuing, amazing, mysterious, and magical work you do. I have lots of love and gratitude for you!”

Geeta Iyer

Thank you so much Fatema for sharing this special moment. It definitely helped me to understand more my furry angel. You gave her a voice, a voice that confirmed my thoughts but also revealed new aspects about her wellness.
Your kind soul and precious talent reached to a deep connection with my Romy . I really appreciate what it brings to us and cannot praise more your ability and services. Thank you again🙏🏻

Aurelia Gohin

I have learned so much about myself and my pet. I have recently made connections with other animals as well. Devoted to helping those who live amongst us in a human’s world.

Tarsha Kohli

Learning the sacred ability to communicate and heal animals may seem too daunting. Some may even think that only the chosen can acquire such gifts. However, with my courses where I explain the entire process step-by-step, you too can learn this spiritual skill with ease in no time.


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