“Do you know what it feels like to be whipped, and physically abused into submission? You’re left bleeding and with wound marks all over your body. I wasn’t given the attention, love, and care that I truly deserved. I was mistreated, and taken for granted until I didn’t have the will to live anymore. I ceased struggling to gain acceptance from my human guardians, and instead started lashing out! I was done, and utterly fed up with how I was being treated, and I couldn’t wait to go back to my previous home after the lease was up.” 😥

Meet Hallelujah! She was born, raised, and treated with the utmost care, love, and compassion. However, her humans went away on a holiday and leased her out to a family that abused and mistreated her. (They were not aware of this at the time) As a result, she became extremely reactive and violent over time. She developed MAJOR trust issues which are expected especially after what she had been through. I mean, you would as well, wouldn’t you?

When her human returned from travel, she took her back home and kept her for a period of 3 years. Yet, she remained reactive, erratic, and unpredictable in nature. Her guardian loved her to bits, however, sadly, she underwent an accident, that left her self-confidence shattered. She began to feel scared and could no longer connect with her beloved horse.

She contacted me and asked for help in understanding what could be done to help Hallelujah calm down and understand that she was safe, and most importantly loved.

I found out that Hallelujah desperately wanted to heal. She had been trying to accept the love and care that was shown to her. She kept questioning if this was going to be her final home. She was scared that any happiness she felt right now would be taken away in a blink of an eye. In her mind’s eye, she kept reliving her previous situation and that caused her immense pain. She didn’t know how long this would last. I assured her that she was loved, and her human would make sure she would never suffer again. She needed to be constantly reassured of her position and love from her guardian.

She then said something that will stay with me forever. She said, “Tell mum – take the first step. We will begin healing together and through each other.” – Just how profound is that?

Her human trusted her, and said, “If she’s willing to take a leap of faith, and begin trusting me, then I’m sure I can do the same for her as well.”

A few hours passed – and she messaged to say, that she haltered her and stood next to Hallelujah for a whole hour whilst she groomed her and whispered sweet nothings to her! This was the first time she had done that in years! – I was so happy with the progress she made with her dream horse ♥️

It is true – a horse will forgive you for practically anything, as long as you work hard at it! They are such beautiful and sentient beings. I’m incredibly grateful to have come across an angel – that is Hallelujah on this Earth 🐎🐴

A Communication and few Reiki sessions later, and her wonderful soul was back in full bloom. She felt loved, wanted, safe, and could finally let go of her excruciating past. She is a changed horse, and will be loved and cherished forevermore!