2-Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki – 1 session – AED 400

animal rekie

Looking for animal healing? 

I offer distance healing sessions for animals. Reiki translates as universal life energy and is an amazing energy healing method that originated in Japan. Reiki promotes the body´s ability to heal physical illness and injury as well as problems on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It is a powerful yet gentle tool for emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues, reaching deeply into even the most damaged souls. It complements both conventional and alternative therapies and can enhance their actions and lessen their side effects.

Animals are usually very open to the healing energy of Reiki. Using Reiki with them can help them accelerate their own healing process, easing pain, reducing stress and improving quality of life.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Reiki energy addresses physical, mental and energetic imbalances.
  • Animal Reiki calms scared, fearful animals.
  • Provides relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions.
  • Accelerates the healing of post surgical trauma, wounds, breaks and sprains.
  • Delays  the onset and progression of certain diseases.
  • Energizes and revitalizes an older animal.
  • Helps to alleviate lethargy and depression.
  • Helps with transitions such as moving house, introduction to, or loss of, another pet.
  • Helps rescued animals adjust to their new surroundings and preparing them for a future in a stable family life
  • Provides comfort, relief from pain, fear or anxiety
  • Comforts them, and their owner, during the transition from this world to the next.
  • It can also be used to support and enhance both traditional and alternative medicine, often reducing the side effects and healing time of treatments. 

Crystal Box Therapy [7 days] – AED 2,200

animal reiki

Animals often seem to have a conscious affinity with crystals and will sometimes seek them out themselves when they need them, they appear to sense the energy from the crystals more acutely than humans do. Crystal therapy affects the whole energy field of animals, it is an energy healing therapy that works with an animal’s subtle energy field to help address physical, emotional and mental problems. Crystals have a fixed energetic vibration that can beneficially influence the subtle energies of the body and soul, including auras, chakras, and energy meridians. Crystals can be incorporated to balance the chakras or to address specific ailments or issues.

This is how it works:

1) I will put your beautiful pet’s picture into my Reiki Crystal Box and set an intention that resonates with their highest self that is specific to them or the issue they are currently facing

2) I leave your pets picture in for a period of 7 days so that they are infused with Powerful Crystal Energy throughout that period of time

3) Everyday for 7 days, I will open the box and perform various forms of reiki healing for your beloved companion and harness the crystals divine energy and then infuse the healing session with angelic reiki healing which works beautifully to give them that much needed extra boost.

The benefits of crystal healing are enormous, crystals and stones can help heal and protect animals from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illnesses including:

♡ Anxiety, fear and aggression

♡ Hormonal and compulsive behavioural issues

♡ Respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions

♡ Wounds, inflammation, and arthritis

♡ Surgery, injury and illness