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Are you seeking profound healing for your beloved animal companions? Look no further! As a master animal Reiki practitioner, I offer distance healing sessions that tap into the universal life energy, bringing solace and rejuvenation to animals in need.

Animal Reiki is a remarkable energy healing method, originating in Japan, that promotes holistic well-being for animals.

It addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, unlocking the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

This gentle yet potent therapy complements conventional and alternative treatments, amplifying their effectiveness and reducing side effects.

Here are all the ways Animal Reiki can help heal your animal companion.

Relaxes Animals

From being too fearful or anxious.

Accelerates Healing

Offers relief from pain and revitalizes the body

Enhances Mobility

Soothes arthritis, rheumatism, and other conditions

Healthier Life

Delays in the onset of certain diseases

Energizes and Uplifts

Bringing renewed zest and joy into your pet’s golden years.

Helps with Transitions

When introduced to/losing a companion

Provides Comfort

Promoting a better emotional well-being

Solace and Empathy

During end-of-life transitions to the other side

Through my intuitive abilities, I tune into your pet's sensations, identifying any blockages, pain, or areas requiring attention. Following the session, you'll receive a detailed email report, equipping you with valuable insights into your pet's well-being. This report can be shared with your veterinarian, enabling them to provide targeted care and address any pain or undetected issues, ensuring your pet's optimal health and happiness.

Intuitive Medical Scan

A thorough body assessment, detecting energy blockages, and pinpointing areas of concern.

Non-Invasive and Comforting

Your pets remain relaxed at home, with no invasive procedures required.

Energizing Insights

I tune into your pet’s sensations, identifying blockages, pain, and areas needing attention.

Detailed Email Report

Receive a comprehensive report highlighting energy blockages found during the session.

Support for Veterinary Care

Share the report with your vet, empowering them to address pain or undetected issues.


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