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This is how to stop your dog from barking excessively

The key to reducing or even preventing your dog from barking is understanding why your dog may be barking in the first place

Once you figure out why they behave the way they do, then you can show them how to get what they want in a quieter and much more calmer way

🐶 Never tell your dog off – I understand it can be pretty frustrating especially when they’re barking at everything in sight. However, telling them off may make them anxious, or confused about you. It could make things worse, because now they feel that you’re joining in on the fun and barking with them. They may see you as shouting along with them and that, in turn, encourages them to bark even louder

The key points to remember though are:

🐶 Make sure you are calm – It’s only natural to get agitated when your dog is barking and to expect them to bark even more without calming down. However, when you expect that reaction from them, that’s exactly what they’ll give you. Remember, thoughts become things. They see what’s in your minds eye apart from hearing what you’re saying as well. They may become confused at the mixed signals you’re giving them. They may think, “She’s asking me to stop barking, but I can see she feels I won’t stop barking. What does she want me to do?” Make sense?

🐶 They could be in pain– and are alerting you that they’re uncomfortable and are hurting, and require urgent medical attention.

🐶 Don’t reward your dog for barking – Reward them for staying quiet instead. That doesn’t mean giving them a treat when they’ve stopped to take a breath. They will view that as encouragement instead.

🐶 Avoid things that your dog finds scary or threatening- If your dog is barking because they’re scared of something or a situation you’re in, please try and avoid that as much as you possibly can. Foe example, if your dog has separation anxiety and barks and howls when you’re not around. Then don’t leave them alone. Consider getting a sitter or walker than you and your dog trusts. Or you can also find out exactly what scares them or triggers them by communicating with them via an Animal Communication Session. This can help you understand what affects them and how to help them further.

🐶 Make sure your dog is staying active- Some may constantly bark because they are in desperate need of physical and mental stimulation. Ensure that you are spending quality time with your dog and keeping them engaged each day. Remember, no boring activities. Find something fun and mentally challenging for them.

🐶 Don’t give up. Stay consistent. The more you give in, the worse it will get because they will learn that they can get what they want by trying harder.

🐶 Give them a lot of praise when they quieten down. This way, they will know that this is what you like and will understand that being quiet earns them a reward.

Every dog barks and reacts to certain situations, people, and things differently from others. I have found during my communication sessions, that every single animal is unique and have their own perspective on things. When we understand their perspective; could be past trauma, the fact that they’re mirroring you etc.. we can then work on resolving their issue together.

⭐️ Book an Animal Communication Session and understand where your best friend may be coming from. What traumas they’ve faced, how they feel, and what hurts so that you can help them better!