Are you calling your Animal Friend by their TRUE name?

Fatema Zahara - Unheard Miracles

A couple of months ago, I was called in to communicate and heal a gorgeous Pitbull who was aggressive beyond measure with everyone he came in contact with. He had a kind, loving, and playful nature when it came to his nuclear family. However, the instant, the gardener, or any of the staff entered the house, his personality changed and his behavior became unpredictable. His parents were worried and concerned for the safety of everyone that were around him. People stopped coming over to their house, because he would not sit still and would constantly move to attack them. 

They had tried everything they could think of, and were now well and truly stumped. They just didn’t understand what he wanted them to do or how they could help. As a last resort, they called me in to help, and if that didn’t go well, then they had no option, but to give up and give him away.

When I asked him what was going on, he told me something very surprising and unexpected. He said that he had no intention of being calm and peaceful when intruders came home because that’s not what he was asked to do. It was misleading. His family was disrespecting him and were oblivious to his true nature and purpose.

I asked him what that meant and how they were disrespecting and misleading him.

He proceeded to tell me that he was being called “Tank” at home whilst his true name was actually Peter (after his mum’s grandfather). Tanks are intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line combat and it was rude to be referred to as something incredibly vicious and deadly. As a result, he started acting out and behaving just like a tank would. He was offended and wanted his name to be changed to his true soul name! 

When his parents realized he detested his name and wanted to be named after her grandfather instead – they changed his name, and he instantly calmed down. 

A few weeks later, I checked in on them to see how Peter was doing. Apparently, as soon as he was being respected and being called by his true name, things became progressively better for them and his attitude improved.

Have you ever felt that the name you are calling your animal friend is somehow not right, or doesn’t fit them, or noticed that they didn’t respond to it? Maybe, you’ve just got the wrong name.

I worked with a client whose dog passed away. When I connected to him in spirit, he told me that his family on earth will soon adopt a new dog that looks just like him and Rio is what his name should be. His family were thrilled and were surprised as to how Rio Sr knew they were talking bout adopting a new dog that resembled him. Rio had chosen a name for the new dog and his parents were grateful that the name was heaven sent by their angel. 

Similarly, I spoke to a pregnant mare, who knew the gender of her baby and was telepathically communicating with her mate, and together, they had come to a decision that they wanted their foal to be royally named as “Katarina”. How precious is that?

There are many other critically important reasons to talk with your animal too, especially if you are considering taking in a new companion.  For instance, only they can tell you their true history and background.  Who else will know but them, right?

Communicating also helps them understand new house rules, and provides an opportunity to negotiate behavior.  We also need to know about their learning styles, what they feel their purpose is, what they like or don’t like.

You’ll also want to know if they feel there is a good fit between you. If they don’t feel connected to you, then regardless of how hard you try, neither of you will be truly happy together. I’ve seen this happen multiple times before.

So do yourself, and your animal friends a favor and give them a voice. You’ll be glad you did!