“I don’t feel worthy enough to go on”

Many of you don’t really understand how critical it is to communicate with an animal. Let me tell you a story that happened with a horse I read for a couple of days ago.

Her owner contacted me with tears of desperation in his eyes, and told me, “I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve just bought this horse two weeks ago. She was eating very little until a week ago and then just suddenly stopped eating. She’s losing weight and she doesn’t seem to be very happy with us. Can you please find out what’s going on with her?”

When I communicated with her, she immediately went on to tell me her life’s story. This is what she said: “The place I was raised in before, was not a good home. The people there were cruel and would abuse me. I was whipped and tortured to no end. I would be bleeding and would roar in pain but no one would care. They just cast me aside and left me to rot. It felt like they were determined to break my spirit. They talked about selling me, and when the time came, they pushed me away like I was a disease to them. I felt unwanted, and unloved. I felt like I wasn’t valued at all. I meant nothing to them. My current owner is so much better. He likes me, but he hasn’t even given me a name. He hasn’t hurt me, but I keep anticipating the pain of a whip or stick. I’m living in constant fear. I have lost the will to live. Why should I eat and nourish myself if no-one appreciates me? I don’t feel worthy enough to go on with life. By not eating, I will just wither away and die. Maybe that will be better for everyone involved. When I die, my suffering will finally end and i’ll be in peace.”

My heart broke when I heard what she had to say. Tears started streaming down my face and there was no way I could stop them. I didn’t want to. Finally, someone could share her pain and I wanted to help her release all the anguish she was carrying in her heart. I told her of how important she was and what her presence meant for everyone in this world. I told her that her past was her past and that her new owner would give her a forever home and would truly love and care for her. I assured her that she would be taken to the vet, no matter how far away it was, and that she would be treated. I promised her she would be given a name as well. The more I reassured her, the more I felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders.

The next day, I checked in with her to see how she was doing, and she told me she had started eating again and that she was treated with a carrot. I asked her owner if she truly had started eating again, and he replied in the affirmative. He said she looked so much better. Her whole demeanour had changed because her outlook on life had changed. She was also given a name- Belle- which further signified how beautiful and amazing she was. She has forever changed simply because her owner took the time to receive clarity about her feelings and thoughts; gain insight into her viewpoint, needs, desires and concerns.

Yes, communicating with animals makes all the difference in the world!