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Animals are spiritual beings having animal experiences, just like humans are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Balancing your pets chakras is a significant key to unlocking greater health and wellbeing.

Tell me- has your pet suddenly started behaving badly? Maybe your cat has suddenly started peeing everywhere. Or, your dog suddenly starts getting very aggressive when they encounter any other dog, or human? – Or, your horse spooks at everything and has suddenly become extremely nervous.

These behaviours may seem to have erupted out of nowhere. Think about it- did they really?

Are they just being naughty or bad animals, or are they good, loveable animals, going through a bad experience?

Animal chakras, just like human ones, can have a huge impact on a pet’s well-being – mentally and physically. In fact, for pets, and humans – the two states are intertwined.

Chakras are like a car’s various systems. A car that is firing on all the pistons (or whatever the heck that analogy is) and the car will run smoothly. If the vehicle has worn out brakes, a crappy carburetor or dirty oil, the car will run roughly, raggedly and inefficiently. When our chakra energetic systems are open, balanced and in correct alignment, all is good. We feel good in our own skin, our emotions are level and life is good.

Conversely, when one or more of our chakra systems is out of balance we feel it throughout our entire system. We can literally feel off-balance! Some chakras are under-active (not open enough) and the other chakras have to take up the slack and work extra to make up for the slacker chakra. Over-active chakras pull energy from the other chakras and can cause a continued off balanced state.

Ponder this! Our pets are tuned into us on many levels. emotionally, intuitively and physically. If our chakras are out of balance that imbalance can affect our pets energy system. Just as a nervous owner’s fear and stress will travel right down the dog’s lead at the dog park or obedience class, so can our chakras affect their chakras. Our out of whack chakras can exaggerate or possibly cause their issues! Calm pet owners help make for relaxed pets.

And, if your chakras – or your pet’s – aren’t functioning properly, this intake of energy is disturbed.

When our chakras are off balance, it may look a little something like this- our lives seem to take a turn for the worse. We feel ‘off’ and frustrated, physically ill, depressed, stuck in the mud. Our joints hurt, we suffer back pain, headaches etc..

Animals experience these same challenges, but they don’t have words to describe them…

Our pets also mirror us – our emotional and physical being. If we suffer, they likewise suffer alongside us. They just can’t tell us about their suffering out loud like a fellow human friend could. However, they do connect and communicate with us telepathically.

Did you know that animals have an 8th chakra that is located on either side of the body, in the shoulder area?

This is the main energy center in all animals and links directly to all the other chakras – Try massaging your pet in that specific spot and watch how they relax almost instantly.

This chakra is an important one for another reason as well! It is the center that relates to all animal-human interaction. It’s the center where the animal-human bond is formed and carried.

Animals that have a strong, healthy link with their human companions usually have a vibrant Brachial Chakra.

If an animal is exhibiting poor behavior or, worse yet, is becoming physically ill, This chakra will guide you to the source of their pain.

It might be coming from scars from their past, a manifestation of the pain they see in you (trust me, this is a big one), or a shift in their sense of security.

By offering our animal companions all of the benefits of Animal Reiki, we give something back to our pets for all the healing, unconditional love, and joy they give us.