The most amazing thing happened to me the other day. I was wandering about a nursery looking for a plant I needed when I suddenly saw something flitting about from the corner of my eye. I slowly moved closer to get a closer look and a beautiful dark yellow and black butterfly was fluttering everywhere. The butterfly fluttered up and down, its wings beating the summer air. It alighted upon a flower and folded its wings neatly upward. It was as beautiful as painted silk and as delicate as rice paper.

I was mesmerized as I watched her flit and flutter down toward the ground and then up high into the leaves of a Lemon tree branch. I stayed still to take the experience and connection in. I took a slow breath in and out and felt connected energetically with this beautiful being.

I was taken back to the feeling of being a little child again, filled with awe and wonder of the world around me, especially the world of animals and nature. If ever there was magic powder, it was that iridescent glow that emanated off her wings. It casted a spell on me so that my soul was brought into the present moment with a fullness I can’t begin to describe. I felt as though my thoughts were more tuned in somehow, as if I were a radio that’s found a frequency that is both more calm and more intense all at once.

Our heart is an inner compass which is always pointing us to Love. Being connected in that way with the sweet butterfly completely redirected my energy. I felt a gentle peace flow over me. There was a beautiful “hello” between us. The rest of the communication was without words, just BEING in the moment with each other.

Suddenly, the butterfly flew and sat on my finger flapping her delicate wings of black and gold, the colours blending and swirling as playful waves lapping against the ocean shore.

My heart was smiling and my whole body felt connected to the ground as I stood in the energy of the beautiful gentle being. When we live our lives from our heart center, we experience peace, joy and the remembrance of our connection to the Universe which is abundant and infinite.

The butterfly allowed me to pet its aura and I am forever grateful to her for allowing me to simply BE!