What they say?

When I came to know about Unheard Miracle's (Fatma Zahra Hussein) I didn't take it seriously till I was told if I would wish to know anything about the lions that I have been in contact for sometime. Jokingly, I accepted the offer and the requirements were that I had to share the pictures of those lions, which I did. In approximately 18hrs, I was shocked to get the details of the 2 lionesses ( 1 in Kenya, Gabbie, and the other in Tanzania.) The message/feedback that I got from Unheard Miracles about the lionesses views and thoughts about me, brought tears in my eyes. The message from these lions trying to remind me what happened on certain day when I was with them, were 100% correct that I shared the moment related in the form of vdo clip and photographs. The findings were so correct as if Fatema was present there recording when I was interacting with the lionesses. With this, I would recommend Unheard Miracles to anyone who requires assistant/help related yo their pet animal in knowing what their animal/pet thinks about the handler or any kind of information. Fatema, I thank you so much for your help.
Gulamabbas Mohamedhussein Mohamedali, Africa
Casper, 14yrs- was diagnosed with liver, kidney & brain infection which then led to epileptic seizures. We used to take him to the local vet twice a day but the doctors were still not able to figure out what triggered the seizures. He was miserable with so much pain that We were afraid that we might have to put him to sleep but with God’s help we came across Fatema, an animal communicator and healer. She literally was the answer to all our prayers. We sent her a picture of Casper and she telepathically connected with him. With her help we could really understand how he was feeling, where the pain was in his body and what all he needed. She literally spoke to him and told us what had triggered Casper’s seizures even before the doctors diagnosed it. She used to connect with him and calm him down as he used to get restless due to the pain and the medications. I am truly amazed as to how she used to convey our message telepathically to Casper and vice-versa. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s been 3 months now. Casper is doing much better now and Fatema played a huge part in his recovery by sending him lots of positive energy and healing him with reiki. Thank you so much
Kriti Sahay, India
Everything that was communicated was spot on. After a week of not being able to find my baby I found her in less than 24 hours of using Unheards services.
Please feel free to post this on your insta page. Anyone can contact me to check my post is true:
I want to thank you for your calm support. Anyone sceptical should trust you with an open mind. Everything you said came true.

1. You said she was in the dark and yet it was bright sunshine- She was found trapped in the eves of a detached garage
2. You told me to look in the opposite direction to where I was looking- I was looking in the roads behind my house and she was found down the road in front of my house
3. You said she was down an alley with walls either side and she showed you a gate- there was a long high walled path leading to the garage with 6ft gates
4. You said the air was dusty- she was in the dusty eves of a garage
5. You said she could see a big car and a small car- it had two cars on the garage
6. You told me she had gone straight and then right- she did exactly that
7. You said the number 37 was important- this house backs on to the one she was found in
Mia Sullivan, UK
I contacted Fatima because my cat suffers from epilepsy. We did a reiki and communication sessions and I feel he’s improved dramatically. I feel hes much calmer and I’m at ease to know that. He hasn’t had seizures in a long time and I’m ambitious that he won’t get them again. It was interesting to know what my cat thinks of me. Thank you Fatima
Hessa A. Al Falasi, Dubai
I would recommend her words to anyone dealing with any loss of a beloved pet. she helped me find my baby and she knew things only I would have known. I really needed to know if he was okay....and she answered that for me. I hope that her gift can not only heal others hearts but save the animals that go unheard and in suffering as well. thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart!
Charlotte Stefanek, New York
Speaking and connecting with Fatema has been one of the most enriching and surreal experiences we’ve had. She is so pure and her knowledge knows no bounds. If you have a pet and you are worried about their health or just curious about them you have to speak to her. She will welcome you into a world that will change your perspective and most importantly connect with your pet in a way that will help them get better. My pup who was not eating due to issues that even vets couldn’t figure, Has now started eating because of a miraculous connection he formed with this wonderful person that came as a blessing in the form of Fatema! Thank you for everything you do!! ❤️
Vishakha Mota, India
I have a dog with a very severe alergy, I've tried all types of medicines, treatments, exams and different vets, with no response. Fatema established a connection with him and helped me to understand what's going on with him and how can I help him to feel better. All in a very clear, simple and loving way. She answered all my questions with love and patience and supported me during all process. Now we are starting a new path, following her advices, hopefully giving comfort to my boy. I truly recommend her!
Bianca Goulart, Brazil
Fatema is such a talented soul. We have been struggling with behavioural issues with our Jax & I knew I needed to find someone to connect with him so I could better understand his feelings and his story. Fatema went above and beyond to not only tell us the things Jax wanted us to know, she also did energy healing for him. She checked in every single day to see how he was doing. The experience was beautiful as I could sense an energetic shift in Jax each time she would connect with him. It was beautiful to watch. She’s a thoughtful, talented, pure soul that loves animals so much. I’m happy to have found Fatema and I look forward to continue working with her for all the healing our Jax and Harley need now and in the future🙏🤍
Charlotte Marie, Canada
Absolutely blown away by the readings I received from Fatema. She told me things about myself, my kids and my fur babies that no ones knows. I always had a deep connection with my fur babies but having been able to hear from them has deepened our connection on another level. Not only have I learned more about them and their needs but they also gave me advice on some tricky situations I’m going through. Thanks to Fatema I also got the opportunity to connect with my beautiful cat Ralphie who crossed the rainbow bridge last year and I miss so so much. Her description of Ralphie was unreal. I can’t recommend Fatema enough. The bond I have with my beautiful babies is even stronger after her readings. After talking with them I now understand my need to have so many animals around me. Their vibration is so high they keep us uplifted at times we may not be able to do it for ourselves. Eternal gratitude to Fatema and all that she does to help these beautiful souls that deserve to be heard 💜
Janelle Houston, Dubai
What a beautiful uplifting reading that this wonderful lady gave to me on my aging cat. She got her attitude and gist for life spot on and I laughed that she had her so well. It was lovely to know that my cat was aware of what her human was going through and how supportive she was. She also told me of an issue that I was worried about myself with her and it is fixed with meds. I couldn't believe how close she connects with spirit but I am delighted being spiritual myself. Please get this done for one of your animals as this reading has made my day and gave me hope, Namaste
Rue Doyle, Ireland
Fatema is an exceptionally rare gem and one of the most sincere and gentle souls you will ever come across in your life. I had randomly stumbled across an ad and decided to ask Fatema to help us with one of our rescue cats who is blind and has minor behavioural issues. The reading that Fatema had provided for our little blind rescue was enlightening and made us shed tears. The reading also gave insight into why the minor behavioural issues were happening to which our cat provided solutions on how it can be avoided It also helped us to connect with him and further deepened our relationship with our rescue cat. What made the reading even more special was that he was able to tell us how much he loved us and loved being with us. Most importantly our cat was able to tell us specifically about his health concerns (pinpointed the exact locations) which we had not known about. As a result we are taking him to the vet for a check up and to ensure that his health is in tip top shape. I would highly recommend Fatema to anyone who wants to connect with their pet especially if there are concerns in regards to health, behaviour or even their past. She also provides Reiki healing which makes a huge difference - which was very evident in our cat after the session - especially in terms of his behaviour. Forever grateful to Fatema for helping us out with our little fur baby.
Ivy Siby, Dubai
I was able to get some messages from my furbaby that had passed. Messages I needed to hear, that eased my mind. We all want to know loved ones are around us, to be reassured they are and always will be warms the soul. This wonderful caring lady is trying to bring awareness that we can communicate with animals whether it here on earth or in other dimensions. Thank You for all that you do x
Belinda Gerada, Australia
Is it not amazing how some very special people can read minds of our pets?
I have something very interesting to share. I had always wondered what my little medium chihuahua was thinking, what she was feeling, was she feeling loved by me, did she love me etc etc etc. I had never ending thoughts and questions. Sometimes you are not sure if you will be judged by people who did not understand certain things.

Anyway I was introduced to Fatema and believe me, this was a God sent angel for me... Thank You God for Fatema 🙏🏻 I explained to Fatema ( such a great listener) my concern and she entered into our lives as our mediator and held a session with my Rani, that’s my little cupcake....Rani actually opened up to Fatema during the session, and to my amazement, there were so many answers Rani had and messages for me that really amazed me. It seemed Fatema and Rani had a heart-to-heart talk! Fatema’s reading was so accurate because whatever that was relayed to me was so accurate and how Rani was trying to protect me. Rani shared her concern about someone who had betrayed and hurt me ( a lady ) and the person comes to my house again but Rani has warned me not to trust her and honestly I feel I cannot trust her! Rani had message from my late husband and the description of my late husband was so correct. There was a lot that was shared with Fatima and it seemed Rani trusted Fatma which was great.

Only gentle souls can win hearts and Fatima has one gentle soul... Amen to that. Before being introduced to Fatima I had never heard of human beings able to read our pets’ minds. I am not going to shy away from admitting I did not know such people even existed....call me DUH!!🤣🤣 Thanks Fatema for all your help... with much love from me and Rani ❤️❤️🌹🌹❤️❤️ All in all, this would not have been possible if Fatima did not have the capability of reading my Rani’s mind so accurately. I am sure many will agree that you have to have the right mediator to help solve various issues and find correct answers and in my case, it was amazing.....Fatima did a great job.

THANK YOU FATEMA...you are awesome dear. I would recommend you in a heartbeat...❤️
Renuka Lakhani, USA
I just recently adopted a rescue furbaby and lately he’s been feeling ill. I contacted Fatema as I was desperate to find out what was wrong with my little baby. I was in tears reading the messages from my little Angel via Fatema. I couldn’t believe how much insight she channeled through without knowing his situation, these weren’t messages anybody could ever guess - I am still blown away! If you ever want to communicate with your furbaby, I couldn’t recommend Fatema enough! She is such a kind soul and very reliable. Thank you for everything Fatema
Michelle Mansour, Australia
I stumbled on the Unheard Miracles Instagram account by chance. Upon seeing her stories and reading reviews, I wanted to get a reading for my pet. I approached Fatima; she patiently answered all my questions, explained her process, and took time to understand my concerns. I was then asked to give her ten questions which I would like to ask my pet; I received my answers by the end of the day. To my surprise, she was accurate in her reading; what astonished me is, Fatima described the exact moment and incidents that happened the day I got my pet. Her readings were something out of this world! They have made me understand my pet, her behavior, and food preferences. All I say is to have an open mind! I wish you the very best, Fatima, and thank you for this beautiful experience.
Sharon Meshram, India
Couple of weeks back I was putting intention that to wish than I have a gift to understand how to speak up to the animals and I had a situation that my cat had a constipation and suddenly my sister got sick and by miracle that I saw fatema’s massage about animal communicator and how to understand them and when she read me what he said I really cried because all what she said was true and half way I can understanding him but not I. This way how fatema approach me the message. I am really grateful for it and I believe that all these illness it’s emotionally and can healed from it easily and am grateful that my cat is open to heal and to communicate with fatema. I am praying 🙏 that he already healed from this. As I know that all came to learn the lesson. Bless you fatema for being such great communicator and helping us also to heal ourselves. I will do all what he said to me because I want him to be healthy and happily cat
Aisha Ali Alhumoudi, Dubai
I heard about Fatema through a close friend, and when I heard about her way of communicating with animals, I had to experience this for myself being a first-time pet parent. Having adopted my dog from a house where I knew she was not wanted, the adoption process with my pup was going to be a challenge for me to able to give her the best life she wanted to due to her past trauma. Through Fatema, I was able to connect with my pet even better and got to understand some of her actions, traits & personality she inherited from her previous home. But what blew my mind was the sheer accuracy of her reading and some of the specifics details that only my dog knew about me. I got to see & experience life from my dog's perspective and a lot of her actions made so much sense thanks to Fatema's reading. This experience has brought me closer to my dog and I can't thank Fatema enough. Continue to do what you do & keep spreading joy and happiness through your animal connections.
Varun Iyer, India
We contacted Fatima just on a whim after reading about her on a random comment on a Facebook post. We went in without any expectations but were blown by her highly intuitive and insightful feedback. It’s experiences like these that leave you humbled and in awe of the many tiny and big miracles around us. Highly recommend Fatima - if not looking for anything specific then just to get to know our fur babies a little better.
Sumeet Sandhu, Dubai
Had a communication session with Fatema for my cat Tutti. She has been neglected and abused previously, that was still affecting her till now. Was interesting to communicate with her through Fatema, to find out more and to reassure her. 1 thing I can say for sure, Tutti is less fearful and shows more love to other family members too (before she would be cautious with everyone else) thank you Fatema
Ia Fialka, Georgia
Fatima is truly amazing beautiful soul 🤍 Kitty had been diagnosed with renal failure a few weeks before I connected with this Angel. She wouldn’t eat unless invited and was losing weight. After the session with Fatima, Kitty has regained her appetite and eats, she is playing and back to her old self again. I cannot thank you enough. Please continue your healing work with animals as they are just as important as humans (actually more lol) Much love and gratitude
Lisa Oxford, Dubai
had a very poignant communication to get advice for our elderly cat. The information was so accurate and heartfelt that it reduced me to tears but at the same time comforting to know that I had been intuitively doing what our beloved cat wanted. If you require help for one of your animals, do not hesitate in asking Fatema.
Ann Pappas, Cape Town
My world fell apart when I found out my baby (cat - male- 8 years) was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I couldn't even be with him as my family relocated to India with my cats. I was desperately searching for someone who could communicate with animals and came across Unheard Miracles. I reached out to Fatema and told her everything and that I needed an urgent session with Frodo. Reading all that he had to say made me bawl my heart out. I found out so much through him, the love, the wisdom, the courage he has and I felt even more connected to him. I then asked Fatema to do the 7 day crystal box healing and she would provide me an update every single day. Fatema is such a lovely soul and has so much love that she radiates. Even after the healing sessions were done, she would regularly check on Frodo and I am eternally grateful to have found her.
Hafsah Hussain, Dubai
I had an animal communication reading done with Fatema, and it blew my mind, and melted my heart 💖 it resonated so well with me! Fatema has such a beautiful, loving energy and I'm sure my 4 legged baby enjoyed connecting with her! He has since been sitting on the chair, enjoying the fresh breeze and basking in gorgeous reiki energy healing, Fatema sent to calm him 💖 I would recommend anyone to have a reading done with Fatema, it is mind blowing and incredible being able to connect deeper with your pet! Thank you so much for this experience
Jenna Cytrowski, Australia
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I just had a reading from Unheard Miracles and I am absolutely blown away with how incredibly accurate Fatema was with my relationship with my baby!!!!! I highly recommend this amazingly gifted woman and I am sooooooo grateful for the insight to my relationship with my partner through the eyes of my baby 😻😻😻😻😻💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞
Melody Montgomery, Australia
Fatema really is an amazing animal communicator. I showed her a picture of one of my kitties and she was able to connect with her and tell me things only me or my cat would've known! Fatema knows what she's doing and her communication has given me and my sister great closure. I highly recommend Fatema for whenever you may be in a situation where you think you can't effectively communicate with your loved animal. Fatema's track record speaks for itself. Thank you so much Fatema for being so good at what you do! I am indebted!
Zaygamali Hemani, Dubai
Fatema was very helpful in helping me to understand what my female tortoise (Cankle) was thinking. The reading that Fatima gave me was in depth and has helped me to connect more deeply with Cankle. Thank you Fatima.
Jackie Lake, UK
I received a reading from Fatema, it was for one of our cats who is extremely nervous. She suffered terrible abuse before we adopted her, after 5 years with us she feels safe and very lived. The reading was amazing, I found out details about how she feels, and how to help her when she feels scared. There were also details she gave that only she and I knew. It’s wonderful to find out what she thinks and I would highly recommend getting a reading with Fatema. She is amazing, and just such a lovely person. Thank you Fatema
Sandra Mitchell, Dubai
Thank you Fatima for helping my fur child. The reiki session helped him tremendously. He was instantly feeling more at ease and had his appetite back after being hospitalized at the vet for two days . Also the communication session was extremely detailed, it has helped me understand and appreciate my cat. Thank you so much!
Hind Hantoush Al Ali, Dubai
Fatema did the reading for my pet dog. I was so happy to know all about her. How does she feel, her health n my past life connection with her. It all brought tears to my eyes. I cant express how thankful I m to Fatema for letting me know abt her. I would suggest every pet lover to ask her for the reading .It feels great. thankyou thankyou thankyou 🙏
Tina Tewari, India