Animal Reiki

Healing energy is transmitted at a physical distance by a Reiki Level 2 practitioners, like myself. You do not need to create a special environment for the animal(s), or tend to them in any special way, pre, during or post session. Simply go about your day and notice any differences or changes in behavior you might notice. Even a small difference is greater than you know!

You can expect a follow-up email after the session relaying any messages came through during the healing. It is important to note that Reiki is not deemed animal communication.

This depends on the each animal, and the respective issues they present. Optimal results include a relaxed state post treatment, among other feel-good sensations. They may feel thirstier after the session – this is completely normal!

As well as healing current issues, Animal Reiki healing can be used on a regular basis to help prevent future health problems from occurring; fortifying the energy field; and boosting the immune system.

Reiki healing does not involve the administration of any drug, it is entirely
non invasive. Animals absolutely love Reiki!

Absolutely Each is powerful when done individually. In combination, Animal Communication and Reiki are formidable partners allowing me to connect with your animals at a deep energetic level. Within this energetic connection, comes a broader understanding of what your animals are experiencing and feeling. 


When you are open to your relationship with your animal at this deep level connects animals energetically to a part of their being that allows innate healing process to happen. In many ways, it opens your connection to the universal love where healing  and understanding live.