He was absolutely stunning! His midnight coat was as fluid as water. I felt a magnetic pull towards him. At first, he just stood there, gauging my energy field. Intuitively, I knew he had an old soul and had witnessed much in his life. I languidly made my way over to him, asking, if it was alright if I approach him. He reared up in a show of dominance and then, almost immediately he settled back down and began to approach me. The soft soil he walked on was no match for his powerful hooves. The wind wisped his mane into the air like tendrils of smoke rising in the sky. Shadow was his name.

I asked him, “Tell me of a time long ago. When the world believed in Magic. Tell me a story that amazed you!” He said, “I’ll tell you of a scene I witnessed a long time ago. One where I saw his guardian angel. She appeared to him in a time of utter despair, where hope flickered like dying embers in the cold wind. This is his story:

“I can’t recall when the enchantment was lifted from this planet. My eyes fluttered open and I instantly wished they would have remained closed for all of eternity. Days had turned into nights. Each day, I found myself sitting against the dying Oak tree craving insanity within the sheer blackness behind my eyes. A timeless journey consumed our souls as we drifted from heaven into hell. I kept imagining what the world would have been rather than for what it was. I do not expect love anymore. I could no longer hope for it for I had locked my heart and thrown away the key. I simply wished to no longer misplace my purpose. I sat there, tears streaming down my cheeks, hoping for someone who could hear my desolate cries of anguish. Crying was of no comfort. They were idle tears; Tears of loneliness, despair and sadness of what was and what is to come.

Moonlight floods the dim sky and She appears; a lonely mystical creature. A silvery white goddess. I’d heard of them. They were beings of light and magic, designed to shower hope on all that is lost. How then, do I relate to her that she was a prisoner, trapped in the shadows of the night and caged in a world of gloom? I looked up, fear reflecting in my eyes and I heard her in my thoughts.

“I know not of how the world came to be this way. Darkness was not our plan.

I am- yet what I am, no one cares or knows. I am like a memory lost; forsaken and devoid of all hope. Our fate is storm when we are light! I see before me, no less a person, but a radiance sharing our sight where our eyes meet as equals. I crave to prove to you your innate value and to give you all that you’ve sought for or ever aim to achieve. My heart breaks at all the wrongs you’ve had to endure. What you seek, is seeking you. I sense your spirit and I see you for what you truly are.”

Then in a moment, the magic was gone. Hope in this place is so fickle; it disappears as quickly as a passing thought. Yet, when it is found, it reaches into our soul and penetrates the murkiness within. She had an impact on my heart. I felt pure and invulnerable. I was dead, and then alive. In her light, I learnt how to love, and so, I took power in my hand, and went against the world.”