Tory called me up one day, and told me about Casper, her horse, that had suddenly stopped eating. He was drastically losing weight, would prefer to be by himself instead of with the rest of his siblings. He also had a terrible case of anxiety and would run away every time a human being got close to him. She described it as a panic attack that he would experience time and time again. She was desperate to find out what was going through his mind in order to help relieve any stress he may be facing and aid him in living his best life. On communicating with Casper, this is what he had to say:

“It was a brilliant summer’s day and we were being round up- all of us, clumped together, moving in the same direction like a shoal of fish. One time, Jerry got too close. Terrified, I ran away, independently, chaotically, making it necessary to initiate the entire process once again.”

“What terrifies you so?” I asked

“The inhumanity of the human mind” he slowly replied.

“Are you facing any past trauma of abuse?” I asked

“On the contrary. I’m absorbing my human’s emotions that run rampant in her mind. Man’s inhumanity to man is as old as humanity in itself. I get scared easily when humans come close. Everything starts spinning and I can no longer breathe. I feel the fear creep into my heart. My lungs ache from the loss of air. My breathing becomes shallow and quick and the earth melts below my feet. When it starts, it’s as thin as cellophane. In another minute, it is a deluge of bitter cold water rising steadily upwards, until it suffocates me.”

“I have not physically suffered any form of abuse in the past, however, my human has. She lost her partner a few years ago and has sunk into an abyss of pain, and is unable to rise up again. The thing about depression, this ocean of despair; the thing that no one is ever brave to relate, is that you are utterly alone on this journey. You must learn to swim to shore by yourself. You must find the strength to wade to the shoreline, no matter how razor sharp the rocks are, or how they cut. You must then learn how to stay there, and not succumb to the aching familiarity of drowning and to the poisonous venom of your mind. You must go through the debilitating agony of relearning how to walk, step by step until you find a way to reach your heaven.”

“Instead of letting the person I love endure this torment all by herself, I take it in for her. When she comes close to me, I remind her, that she has been there before. She knows the feeling, and what she’s aware of, instantly becomes less scary. I gently nuzzle her reminding her that she is all the more stronger because of her battle scars. I absorb her pain, so I can rid her of any energy that no longer belongs to her. I have a heart filled to the brim with unconditional love for my human and will do anything to prevent her from being swallowed by her grief. I go through phases of happiness and utter misery, energetically moving alongside her filling the isolation of her mind with gentle love and care.”

Animals are a window to your soul. They mirror back to you on all 5 levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and mentally. Your animal companions have a way of absorbing all your imbalances and can drastically improve your condition in life. They can carry out our pain, suffering, illness and stress. Not many humans understand this exceptional phenomenon, however it is vital that you understand it. Once you do, it will forever alter your experience with animals and help you in building a stronger bond and connection with them. They are our spiritual teachers are trying their utmost to help us heal and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Animals are in our lives for a reason and often serve us by reflecting back to us the lessons we so desperately need to learn. They see what’s in our minds eye, they feel what we are feeling and will mirror these issues to us by acting out to our state of distress – just like the case of Tory and Casper.

Tell me, can you see the reflection?