I spoke to a sweet little dog who proceeded to tell me that she was suffering from excruciating pain on her back left tooth. The pain was so debilitating that it was impeding her ability to chew on her food, and she needed to be rushed to the vet. When I mentioned this to her guardian, she laughed and said, this wasn’t true at all. She had just checked all her teeth, and everything was fine.

However, two weeks later, she called to tell me that her dog had started howling in pain last night and she was forced to rush her to the emergency room that instant. When they checked the source of her pain, they found out that the back left tooth had been severely infected and was now releasing pus exactly as I had described. In this case, the dog was accessing her future and was trying to warn her person beforehand.

In answer to your question, yes, they certainly do understand the concept of time, but not in the same way we do. They can instantly access their past, present, and future and provide you with information related to that specific time period. When they tell you something, they assume you know what time period it has taken place in and simply answer your question with the knowledge they have. It takes a little bit of detective work to find out if this has happened in the past, their past life, or something that’s about to occur in the future.

If you are told of something your pet might be suffering from and you see no outward signs of them feeling any pain. Keep the communication in mind and research some ways in which you could help your beloved companion should the problem arise. It does you no harm, to schedule a vet visit for a general check-up or get some energy healing done for them.