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Crystal Box Therapy – 7-day Healing Session

Serenity in Crystalline Harmony: A Soulful Journey of Animal Crystal Healing

Step into a realm where crystals and animals dance in perfect synchrony, embracing the profound energy of healing. Discover the wondrous benefits of Crystal Therapy, a therapy that touches the essence of your beloved pet's being.

Witness the transformative power as your animal companion’s souls awaken to the loving embrace of crystal energy.

Picture of Pure Grace

Your pet’s captivating details join our 80-year-old Reiki Crystal Box, adorned with intentions carefully woven to resonate with their highest self, addressing their unique needs and challenges.

A Tapestry of Crystal Energy

For seven sacred days, your beloved companion is enveloped in the radiant essence of Powerful Crystal Energy, weaving its transformative magic.

Angelic Symphony of Healing

Every day, we open the gateway to realms unseen, harnessing the divine energy of crystals, infusing each healing session with the gentle caress of Angelic Reiki, bestowing upon them an extraordinary boost.

Experience the profound healing bestowed by crystals and stones, as they safeguard your pet's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Unveil Peace

Dissipate anxiety, fear, and aggression, revealing the serenity that lies within.

Harmonize Balance

Address hormonal and compulsive behavioral issues, nurturing harmony and equilibrium.

Nurture Vitality

Soothe respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions, restoring wellness from within.

Mend with Grace

Alleviate wounds, inflammation, and arthritis, fostering gentle restoration.

Tender Recovery

Embrace support during surgery, injury, and illness, guiding your beloved companion toward rejuvenation.

Discover why our clients rave about the positive impact our services have had on their relationships with their pets.

I had a very informative session with Fatema and my cat. Fatema identified the issues that were being faced and talked me through them. Fatema also provided a lot of general information from the cat that was very interesting and funny - including some facts that only the cat and I would know. Overall a very fun and enjoyable experience!

Jon B

I entrusted Fatema for a communication session with my beloved cat Bravo. I was astounded by the accuracy of details and impressed with the amount of information she gave me. I appreciate the absolute genuine care and devotion she has in doing such a sensitive and delicate practice and I am grateful she made her gift available to help me improve my pet’s life to the best it can be.


We had such a wonderful experience with Fatema! I was so curious to know what Ziggy was thinking and she conveyed his personality spot on! His separation anxiety has really improved and Fatema gave us some tips on how to help with this.

Loulwa Al Atasi

Thank you Fatima for helping my fur child. The reiki session helped him tremendously. He was instantly feeling more at ease and had his appetite back after being hospitalized at the vet for two days . Also the communication session was extremely detailed, it has helped me understand and appreciate my cat. Thank you so much!

Hind Hantoush